Safety Labels - Mercury, Warning, Fan, AC, Airbag attention Stickers

What is a Mercury Warning Label?

Mercury is hazardous to your health and precautions must be taken when discarding old parts with mercury in them or installing new mercury-containing parts.

We make mercury warning replacement labels for every make and model.

This vehicle may include mercury-added devices installed by the manufacturer:
*Video Display
*Navigation/Camera Display
*H.I.D. Headlamps
Remove devices before vehicle disposal.
Upon removal of devices please reuse, recycle or dispose as hazardous waste

What other Warning labels do you make?

We can custom make any and all warning/attention stickers on all vehicles. Send us a picture of your label and we will invoice you within an hour and ship the same day. Whether it's a fan blade or rotating propeller warning, air conditioning (A/C) labels, emissions, or modification label, has what you need!

Do you make replacement airbag warning labels?

Yes. NHTSA requires all vehicles with airbags to have labels indicating no rear-facing child seats and other precautions for your attention.

"As one method of reducing the adverse effects of air bags, especially for children, NHTSA is requiring new, attention getting labels. This rule requires vehicles with air bags to bear three new warning labels. Two of the labels replace existing labels on the sun visor. The third is a temporary label on the dash. These new labels would not be required on vehicles having a "smart" passenger-side air bag, i.e., an air bag that would automatically shut off or adjust its deployment so as not to adversely affect children. This rule also requires rear-facing child seats to bear a new, enhanced warning label to replace the existing label. The labels will help reduce the adverse effects by increasing the number of people who read and understand the message of the warning labels."

Canada requires all labels to be written in both English and French. The English portion is mandated to be 30 square centimeters, with additional French making most airbag stickers 3in X 7in.