Where can I get a new Vacuum hose routing diagram?

What is a VHRD sticker? 

VHRD (Vacuum Hose Routing Diagram) labels are small labels that tell anyone working on your car how to reinstall the vacuum hoses after taking apart the engine. Finding this information saves time, especially for older cars where the information can be difficult to find or even more difficult to work on.

VHRD stickers shows position of brake booster, vacuum reservoir, canister purge, source under the intake manifold, heater, cruise bellows, solenoid valves, carburetor, CCIE, air cleaners, quadrajet vacuum ports, vacuum amplifiers, etc.

Vacuum leaks can lead to poor engine performance by allowing air to compromise the vacuum. Having your vacuum lines intact and your vacuum diagram & lines schematic correct ensures your cars peak performance for the future.

Where is my VHRD (Vacuum Hose Routing Diagram) decal?

Usually right on the inside of the engine lid next to the timing instructions.
If any work you are doing requires you to buy a replacement VHRD decal, our graphic designers custom design each sticker to your size and specifications.

Need a VHRD decal but don't have the original?

Tell us the year, make, and model of the car you are working on, and let us search for your label. Replace your damaged or destroyed vehicle labels by ordering new stickers from Vin's Labels, premier custom label printers.  Our extensive archives are constantly expanding.

We do all makes and models, from Ford the Ferrari.